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Shining Star Programs

Day Dance Program

Weekly Requirement: 
  • 10:00am-Noon Tues & Thurs

  • Tuesday: Technical Day

  • Thursday: Application Day

Program Details:
  • For homeschooled or flexible learning students 

  • Technical Day: Ballet, Turns & Leaps, and Acro 

  • Application Day: Choreography day utilizing skills from technical day 

  • Can attend on a week-to-week basis


Please email for more information.

Collegiate Training Program

Collegiate Classes Offered: 
  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary 

  • Modern 

  • Leaps & Turns 

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop 

  • Heels 

Collegiate Opportunities: 
  • College Dance Team Discounts 

  • Lionette Training Program 

  • Choreographers In Training Program 

  • Drop-in classes 

  • Private Lessons 

  • Daily-Weekly-Monthly Classes 

  • Competitive Team 

Please email for more info. 

The Industry

Special Opportunities: 
  • Learn choreography from top choreographers around the world 

    • Shannon Mather, Teddy Forance, Brian Friedman, Kathryn McCormick, and more! ​

  • Audition for Lucky Star's music videos, photoshoots, etc. 

  • Choreograph for Lucky Star's competitive dance program through application process 

Please email for more information.

Dance Teacher Training Program

Weekly Requirement: 
  • Shadow/assistant teach a minimum of one class per week 

  • Shadow turns & leaps class 

  • Shadow choreography process 

Program Details: 
  • Dance teacher & choreographer training program for adolescents 

    • Must be a Lucky Star Dance Company Student ​

  • Must go through application process to be accepted for program

Please email for more info.

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