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About Us

At Lucky Star Dance Company, our mission is to empower our students to reach for the stars and radiate their full potential, both within our studio's walls and beyond. We offer a diverse range of opportunities, from beginner classes to elite training programs, all under the nurturing embrace of our dance family.

Our exceptional staff boasts expertise across various dance curriculums, and they continually undergo mandatory assessments and training in children's mental and physical well-being, ensuring a safe and holistic learning environment.

We place a strong emphasis on well-being, striving to leave our students inspired and uplifted after every class. Our program remains dynamic, consistently evolving, and subject to rigorous evaluation to provide the pinnacle of dance training.

Above all, our goal is for every student to depart feeling not only supported but truly cherished, knowing they are an integral part of a community that makes a meaningful difference in their lives. Our intention is to help every dancer find their unique purpose and a deep love for dance every time they arrive—whether that's to make lifelong friends, master new skills, or simply experience the pure joy of movement. Join us at Lucky Star, where dreams soar, stars shine brighter, and dance becomes a lifelong love affair.

Why Choose Lucky Star?

  1. Acrobatic Arts Certification: We are the ONLY Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio within a 60-mile radius, ensuring the highest quality acrobatic training and safety for our dancers.

  2. Individualized Training: Our curriculum is designed to cater to dancers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with personalized goal-setting to help you achieve your unique dance aspirations.

  3. Specialized Instructors: Our expert instructors specialize in their respective dance disciplines, providing you with top-notch training in a supportive and nurturing environment.

  4. Monthly Student Focus: Our dedicated staff meets regularly to discuss each student's progress and tailor instruction to help them reach their full potential.

  5. Inclusive Community: Whether you attend one class a week or multiple, every student is recognized, supported, and given the attention they need to thrive.

  6. Creative Freedom: We foster creativity and self-expression, allowing you to explore and develop your unique dance style while building a strong foundation in dance techniques.

  7. Performance Opportunities: Joining Lucky Star Dance Company opens the door to exciting performance opportunities, showcasing your talent and hard work to a wider audience.

  8. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our studio is equipped with the latest dance amenities and a safe, inspiring space for you to learn and grow as a dancer.

  9. Lifelong Skills: Beyond dance, our programs instill discipline, teamwork, confidence, and perseverance, providing you with valuable life skills.

  10. Join the Lucky Star Family: When you become part of Lucky Star Dance Company, you join a supportive dance family that encourages growth, friendship, and a love for dance that lasts a lifetime.


At Lucky Star, we believe that every extraordinary journey begins with a dream. Our studio is a haven where dancers can dare to dream big, envisioning the heights they aspire to reach. Dreaming is not just encouraged; it's celebrated. It's the spark that ignites creativity, fuels passion, and sets the stage for the incredible dance stories that unfold within our walls.


Belief is the heartbeat of Lucky Star. In our studio, we cultivate a culture of unwavering faith—in oneself, in fellow dancers, and in the power of collective dreams. We believe in the potential of every dancer to overcome challenges, push boundaries, and achieve greatness. The belief in one another forms the backbone of our supportive community, fostering an environment where every dancer feels empowered and valued.


The culmination of dreams and belief manifests in the art of achievement at Lucky Star. Our studio is a stage where dancers not only set ambitious goals but also realize them. From mastering challenging routines to standing triumphantly in the spotlight, achievement is not just an end goal; it's a continuous journey. Lucky Star is where dreams are transformed into reality, fueled by belief, hard work, and the joy of dance.

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