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About Us

The mission of Lucky Star Dance Company is to support our students in achieving their dreams and shine to their fullest potential both inside and outside the classroom. We provide versatile opportunities from beginner classes to elite training programs while providing a home to our students. Our staff is highly trained in a variety of dance curriculums and completes mandatory assessments and training on children's mental and physical wellness throughout their hire.


We have a strong focus on well-being and want our students to feel inspired and happier after leaving every class. Our program is consistently adapting, enhancing, and examined to provide the best dance training possible.


At Lucky Star, we want every student to leave feeling supported, loved, and a part of something that makes a difference. 

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Why Choose Lucky Star?

 Lucky Star stands apart from other dance companies by providing a personalized dance curriculum.  Before classes begin, our staff schedules one on one meetings with every student.  During these meetings, each dancer makes a list of goals for the upcoming dance year and designs a plan to attain them. Each student creates at least one personal growth and one dance-related goal. These goals are monitored throughout the season, ending with an evaluation in December and June. At Lucky Star, we consistently work to create a safe environment where students can achieve what seems like the impossible. 


From giving a speech in front of a class to job interviews- our studio increases our dancer's confidence in the real world.  Within our class time, our staff uses positive reinforcement to motivate and inspire our students.  Our safe and supportive environment allows our dancers to be themselves and have a place to grow and prepare for the outside world. 


Every dancer within our program will work with at least one other individual-even if that means one on one with an instructor.  During these classes, our students will learn how to work with others to complete a common goal.  From sharing toys on the playground to group projects in school to a future job working with colleagues- our program teaches students how to collaborate. We stress the importance of empathy, creativity, and listening to one another. 


Dancers are consistently striving to achieve something new or improve themselves.  From accomplishing a new trick to learning a new routine- our curriculum makes our students learn the critical skill of determination.  We instill the morale that any child can achieve what they set their mind to with hard work.  Rather than seeing an obstacle as a barrier, our students see them as a new opportunity. 


Within our classes, students will be challenged to come out of their comfort zone to find their true selves, and be able to express themselves through dance.  By connecting to storylines, to finding a style of movement that is unique to them- all students will unlock something only true to themselves- their inner artist.  

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